Marine Transportation Advisory Board Meeting in Kodiak

The Marine Transportation Advisory Board (MTAB) held on of their regular board meetings in Kodiak on Tuesday, June 24th. The primary focus of their meeting was to discuss the progress of the Tustumena replacement project with representatives from the Department of Transportation (DOT&PF) and to engage the community during the process. For those of you that have not had a chance to see the replacement presentation, you can do so by clicking here. In summary, the proposed replacement vessel will be larger and faster. Specifically, the boat will be 34 feet longer, 12 feet wider, and two feet deeper in order to accommodate 76 more passengers, a larger elevator, and more staterooms. For more detailed information about the design, click on the link below.

Tustumena Design Public Meeting Comments May, 2014

The general timeline for the project is as follows:

  • Reconnaissance Report — March 2014
  • Public Participation — April-May 2014
  • Environmental Document — Summer 2014
  • Design Study Report — Fall 2014
  • Final Design Completion — Summer 2015

For further information, visit 

Ayakulik and Karluk Rivers Closed to Sport Fishing for King Salmon

Beginning at 12:01 a.m., Saturday, June 21, sport fishing for king salmon in the Ayakulik and the Karluk River drainages is closed. As an added measure to reduce the possibility of hooking mortality on incidentally caught king salmon, the use of bait is prohibited within Ayakulik River drainage, and within Karluk River drainage below Karluk Lake, include the Karluk Lagoon. Only single-hook artificial lures may be used in these areas.

The biological escapement goal (BEG) for Ayakulik River king salmon is 4,000 to 7,000 fish. The weir count on June 17 was 350 fish. The biological escapement goal (BEG) for Karluk River king salmon is 3,000 to 6,000 fish. The weir count on June 17 was 256 fish. Despite previous management actions to reduce king salmon mortality during the inriver sport fishery, the escapement goals for both rivers are not likely to be achieved.

For more information contact the Division of Sport Fish office in Kodiak at (907) 486-1880.

Ocean Beauty Eyes Plant Upgrades on Back of Tax Credit Expansion

This article, written by Jeanine Stewart for Undercurrent News gives and update on the salmon and herring development tax credit, which our office worked on. Ultimately, this tax credit was included in SB71, sponsored by Senator Micciche.

Alaskan salmon and herring processors are poised for potentially game-changing upgrades in coming years thanks to a new bill passed last month.

The Senate Bill 71, passed last month, opens up new opportunities for canned sockeye, byproducts and herring, by expanding eligibility to the salmon product development tax credit.

For the first time, processing plant investments into value-added herring products will now qualify for the credit.

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