best wood deck sealer reviews

The Best Deck Stains Based on Deck Sealer Reviews

We can easily find deck sealer reviews nowadays. We can find it in various websites. We just need to type the right keywords and then the result will be gotten. Many of those reviews rank the best deck sealers on the world. Usually, the review website creates the rank based on certain criteria. It can be due to the performance, durability, or maintenance. Sometimes, the website also ranks based on […]

metal deck railing brackets

Quick Way to Install Metal Deck Balusters

Metal deck balusters are another choice when people decorating their deck. The railing can be fully composed of metal. Sometimes, people combine the metal railing with other materials like wood and glass. The metals that are usually used are aluminum, stainless steel, and also galvanized iron. Many metal railings are very affordable. In installing the deck balusters, a house owner can do it by themselves. It is quite easy, though. […]

bright solar deck lighting

Some Ideas for Solar Deck Lighting

If you have a backyard deck, we recommend you to install the solar deck lighting instead of regular lighting. This kind of lighting can save the electricity you pay every month. It uses the solar energy. There are various choices of the solar lighting in many stores. You should pick several similar solar lamps and then install it at your backyard deck. The most common solar deck lights are the […]

wood deck designs

Make Yourself Simple Wood Deck Designs

To create nice deck in your backyard, you should compose wood deck designs first. You shouldn’t worry even if you aren’t an architect. Nowadays, there are websites that sell deck designs. Your job is just picking the design you like and then buy it. Sometimes, you can directly pay and order the deck from the same website. If this is the case, the website is usually contractor’s company. However, you […]

kontiki composite interlocking deck tiles

Interlocking Composite Deck Tiles for Attractive Deck

Interlocking composite deck tiles should be used by those who are looking for beautiful flooring on the deck. As its name inferred, the tiles are interlocked to each other. It is arranged in horizontal and vertical patterns, in shift. Thus, people will see the whole floor is quite similar with plaited mats. It is very unique and has clean look. This kind of deck tile is made from the composite […]

deck box with seat plans

Create the Beneficial Deck Box with Seat Now!

Your beautiful won’t be complete with the existence of deck box with seat. This box can be used as a seating on the deck. Thus, you won’t need to buy any deck sofas or chairs. The deck box really has many functions. It can be used for storing equipments needed for taking care the deck. When the storage is closed, it can be used for sitting. You can create one, […]